Family Counselling in Calgary

When faced with challenges in your family, outside support & guidance with a family counsellor can make all the difference.

Counsellors for Families

We all need help sometimes

If your family is navigating a difficult time of life, or trying to cope with troubled relationships or behavioural concerns, it can be very helpful to have a family counsellor in Calgary to offer a neutral perspective.

Our family counselling sessions offer a safe space for every member of your family, at all ages, to openly discuss feelings and concerns without fear of judgement or shame. Family counselling is helpful when dealing with many different types of issues, such as relationships between family members, handling changes to the family's structure, communication issues, and more.


"Families are like branches on a tree. We grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one."

- Unknown

Speaking with a Calgary Family Counsellor

Family counselling benefits

Without guidance, it can be difficult to have proper, open and honest discussions within your own family, especially when dealing with difficult subjects or if there are troubles you are trying to work through together. Family counselling offers a great way to speak, listen, grow and come to a resolution together.

In our family counselling sessions at our Calgary office, we offer an opportunity for all family members to come together and work towards resolutions without feeling judged by anyone else. Your counsellor will provide a neutral perspective, and offer important guidance as your family works through the challenges you’re facing. Everyone will be heard and have a say in how the family moves forwards, working as a team towards a solution.

Our Family Therapy Sessions

What to Expect

Family sessions are led by 2 counsellors and run for approximately 75 minutes. Our approach is to serve the family unit as a whole, viewing the family itself as the client. We are open to offering individual counselling and youth counselling to members within the family as well, separately, in order to support the family as a whole.

We strongly recommend that Calgary families book a Coffee & Chat prior to booking an Intake Session, to get a better idea of the format and treatment approach you can expect.

Issues commonly addressed in Family Counselling include (but aren’t limited to):

Issues commonly addressed in Family Counselling include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Communication
  • Patterns of interaction
  • Sibling relationships
  • Child / parent relationships
  • Blended family concerns
  • Behavioural expectations and management
  • Daily functioning
  • Life transitions

Some non‑judgmental support can help you through a hard time, and improve your relationships.

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