Marriage Counselling and Couple Counselling in Calgary

No relationship is without its hardships and everyone needs support some time.  Couple counselling offers a neutral perspective that you simply won’t find elsewhere.

Couple Counselling and you

Does your relationship need help?

Since you’re on this page, meeting with a Couples Therapist in Calgary (or a “marriage counsellor”) is likely an appropriate step to help your relationship.  Every relationship needs a little support at some point.

Whether you feel like your relationship or marriage is in crisis, or as a couple you would like support in maintaining better communication or intimacy, you’ll find that sitting down with an unbiased counsellor will be beneficial.


"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

- The Lorax

Does marriage counselling work?

How a Couples Counsellor can help

Couples counselling provides you and your partner with the time, and a safe & non-judgmental environment, to work through your relationship issues and make progress towards a solution.

Without setting aside the time and having the right environment, guided by a neutral perspective, your relationship may not be getting the attention it requires.  Perhaps your busy lives find a way of preventing you from facing recurring issues, or you may find that conflict arises and emotions escalate when you try to discuss certain topics on your own.  A couples counsellor can help by listening to your concerns and helping you find ways of fixing them.

Common issues explored in couple counselling & marriage counselling:

  • Communication
  • Intimacy
  • Trust
  • Infidelity
  • Divorce / Separation
  • Conflict
  • Parenting
  • Life transitions

This list is not exhaustive.  We are open to discussing any concerns that you feel require counselling when you see us for a complimentary Coffee & Chat. We’re here to listen.

couple counselling helps Calgary couples

"All bridges can be crossed, so don't give up."

- Unknown

A Calgary marriage counsellor can help

What to expect from your relationship counsellor

Whether it's communication, intimacy, or something else, we will work towards finding the root of your concerns and guiding you on a path towards a solution that is tailored just for you.  We will support you in taking responsibility, remaining open to your partner, and exploring strategies and techniques that you can use to constructively resolve your issues and achieve a more fulfilling relationship.

What marriage counselling cannot do is provide you with a guaranteed solution to your relationship problems.  As a couple attending relationship or marriage counselling you are still expected to take responsibility for your own behaviour and take ownership of the work that’s required to resolve your problems together.  Our Calgary marriage counsellors will create the environment and give you the tools to do so, however.

The session format

How we offer couple counselling

We offer a unique team-based approach to counselling where you’ll have the option of seeing one or two counsellors when you and your partner engage in a couples therapy session together.  Sessions are recommended at 75 minutes, but can also be booked for 50 minutes.  All fees are based on our sliding scale fee structure.

As a couple you will be treated as a unit for us to best support your relationship, but if you or your partner would like to pursue individual therapy in addition to couples therapy, or even family therapy, we are certainly able to support that and there are many benefits in doing so.  All of the details on this page, and more, will be discussed when the two of you book a complimentary Coffee & Chat together.


Couples counselling can help you & your partner find a way forward in your relationship.

We are here to listen, guide, and offer the right environment for you to both make improvements and take steps toward a more fulfilling relationship.

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We offer multiple ways to meet, for sessions or Coffee & Chat introduction meetings.  Meet us in person (at our Calgary office in Bowness), by phone, or through video chat (Zoom / Skype / Google Meet / FaceTime). Learn more about our COVID-19 Policies.