Play-Based Therapy

Strengthening the connection between children and their caregivers.

What is Play-Based Therapy?

Play-based therapy is designed for children and their parents / foster parents / caregivers experiencing challenges in their relationships together.  It is a cooperative and engaging approach to building a strong connection with the child.

Implementing play into therapy is a powerful tool for therapists, but it can (and should) also be used by parents at home to help their kids learn how to regulate emotions and develop healthy coping skills.


Learn about the importance of play from the Association for Play Therapy

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The benefits of Play-Based Therapy

The benefits of integrating play into therapy are numerous: from boosting self-esteem, building empathy, improving communication skills, strengthening relationships, reducing stress levels, and more!

This is a counselling method that works and it enhances the connection between children and their parents, or other caregivers. It offers playful, interactive activities with simple face-to-face interactions that work on all five senses, rhythm, and movement.

Who can benefit from Play-Based Therapy?

We've worked with lots of children who have grown in a positive way from using play in their therapy sessions: from active, angry children who are prone to acting out, to shy withdrawn children, to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  It works well for children from young ages all the way up 12-13 year olds, depending on their disposition and character.

Truly, all children can benefit from the play- and social-based treatment, which builds on 4 important dimensions of healthy relationships: structure, engagement, nurture and challenge.  The games are fun and interactive, simple, yet powerful, and help to create deeper bonds between children and their caregivers.


"Play is your child’s most natural form of expression"

- Unknown

How is Play-Based Therapy offered?

We offer play therapy as a single service at our practice or it can be added on to family support services.  It is a structured process that is guided by the therapist, which includes an Intake Session followed by observation to determine an appropriate treatment plan.

We find that it is also very valuable for parents / caregivers to continue to engage in play-based activities at home, between counsellor-assisted sessions in the office, as this helps to create a strong sense of connection and security with the child.  Many parents have found more inclusion of play at home to be a great way to connect with their children outside of their sessions, and as an effective means of communicating with them at home.

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